Holding Hands
HOLDING HANDS   When you held my hand, it brought me so much joy. Your clasping fingers sent a strong message of Your clasping fingers sent a strong message of security, s if you were putting an invisible cloak around me. It would pull me closer to your side. I could feel the strength of your stride While following the directions to my wrist. Move left or move right, now a quick motion that says Let’s stop for a moment and let this throng go by. Pulling me close now, we move into a sheltering doorway, Into a warming embrace. My hand is free now and feeling so small. In your eyes I see the thought I felt in our clasped fingers. You are mine you said. And my eyes joyfully replied, Yes, I am yours. Now, as our quiet moment ends, We take each other’s hand And stride on with the throng Because, when we are hand in hand, There’s nothing that can go wrong.  
01 Oct 2016 in Poetry, by