I’d like to invite you to THE READING ROOM!

The READING ROOM is a global book community created to enable lovers of books to listen to fascinating stories that are read by a profession voice talent.  Listeners will be able to tune in each week to listen to a few chapters of the featured book.

There are many reasons for listening instead of reading books, from poor eyesight to the inability to hold a book in one’s hands comfortably. There are also many people that simply prefer to listen as another reads an exciting and interesting story.  THE READING ROOM is a new entertainment that is sure to keep mature adults stimulated and thriving mentally.

THE READING ROOM is a program where groups of like-minded people can come together once a week to listen to a few chapters of one book. Afterwards, discussions can take place among readers as they sit and talk about their favorite characters or favorite scenes.

Currently, THE READING ROOM can be heard in several mature adult programs, therapy programs, community engagement programs and we’re receiving more requests for the program as we expand…and if you’re interested in advertising your community or business, please ask about posting an ad that will be included during the listening program.

Please feel free to contact us via email at info@vertikallifemagazine.com, or simply call 202-642-9377 to speak to Dulce Lopez.

Thank you,